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Hi, I’m Cheska Layug. You don’t want to know my complete name. Welcome to The Modern Filipina Mom.

I’m a young 22 year old, full-time mom to a hilarious and loving baby Kyle and a full-time lover to better half guy, Marve (The Big Buddy). I’m a recent B.S Medical Technology graduate of University of Sto. Tomas and now a registered Medical Technologist. I took and passed the board just 1.5 weeks after giving birth!

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I’m new to blogging. It was my dad who pushed me to do this. I am very much known as makulit/over-eager and you know where it came from. Well, I do believe I have so much so share and talk about and my dad is there to help me put things into their proper order. He is a travel writer/author and he is helping me write on mommy stuff… Great!

I’m a newbie mom as well. Along with the birth of my former blog, I’m just starting to get the gist of being a mommy. I’m trying to be the coolest and perfect mom and lover. Tell me about it! I’m learning everything from scratch so you could imagine how chaotic my house is. My mom expects me to the ilaw ng tahanan.. Well… Good luck on that! She understands me. Ask my dad why! I do believe though, I’M NOT ALONE! #grouphug

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I’m sure many moms can also relate with me. Come on! We are not born, moms… just leaders… I think? Haha! So I very much welcome all your support. You can comment, react (not violently please), and suggest as you please! I hope you can be part of my survival of motherhood and still, embrace the joys of youth (like a boss!).

PS: I’m a breastfeeding advocate. So most of my mommy post will be related to boobies and the power of breast milk. I’m not an addict on boobs, I have it! So please do understand if I go gaga when I’m trying to fight for breasts!

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