I had my Bucket List when I was in college. I had planned so much for my life after school, but those plans did not include raising a family. However, now that I have a family with my better half (minus the marriage contract), I have to suddenly change all my plans for my list, which I am happy to do! So exciting!

I have been reading Life Lists from my fellow moms (who are my inspiration as well) so, I was inspired to share my own “life list”. Let’s just say that this list is for a young mom like me. My list still deals with my youth. Duh! I’m still young but soon, I have to add or change some things from this list.

I will cross out every accomplishment I’ve made and color-it-green those I will add or change in the future.

Have you made your list? I suggest you make one too. I believe it will organize your life and will help you achieve your goals. You can share yours through the comment box!

My list is in random order but the first five should be accomplished as soon as possible. Haha!

  1. Start my business this year
  2. Get married
  3. Use the song “Open your Eyes to Love” sung by LMNT for my wedding video
  4. Learn Italian
  5. Make Marve’s wish come true for a honeymoon in Italy…
  6. Then, have a romantic kissing picture of me and Marve at The Leaning Tower of Pisa (with Marve leaning on me)
  7. Have our own home with a big garden
  8. Have a photo wall on my new home
  9. Learn how to cook
  10. Bake a whole cake
  11. Learn how to organize
  12. Master abstract reasoning (I dunno why I suck on it… or I just lack practice)
  13. Go back to my previous weigh of 120 pounds  — and then MAINTAIN IT!
  14. Take dance classes for 1 week (contemporary ballet or jazz) in any foreign country
  15. Learn the dance of Bollywood
  16. Join a military training (not my CAT/COCC, the real one! Maybe, I can join Marve!)
  17. Learn how to drive a motorcycle… the manual one! (Ooooppppsss!)
  18. Hike Mt. Apo with Marve first, (with my dad daw!)
  19. Then hike Mt. Apo with Kyle (when he is 12 yrs old? Haha!)
  20. Go backpacking in Europe
  21. Attend a 3-day retreat for myself
  22. Have a sexy pictorial of myself
  23. Be in a commercial
  24. Have my baby be in a commercialRANDOM 2013
  25. Be in a magazine (Women’s Health Philippines; March 2013)
  26. Be in the front cover of a magazine
  27. Learn how to write for a newspaper or magazine
  28. Have the guts to go on a cruise
  29. Go back to Singapore and spend 2 weeks there to eat and tour the whole country
  30. Go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  31. Float in the Dead Sea
  32. Visit Guatemala
  33. Visit India
  34. Learn Spanish
  35. Visit Spain
  36. Eat Sushi in Japan
  37. Eat Nasi Lemak in Malaysia
  38. Eat Tandoori Chicken in India
  39. Eat Paella in Spain24042_1364515363817_3502710_n
  40. Have picture with the President
  41. Hug the President and have it photographed (Still have 3 years left!)
  42. Do Bungee Jumping
  43. Be a speaker in a seminar (one-man show)
  44. Be interviewed on TV
  45. Sleep in a yacht parked somewhere. (Hopefully, no pirates will attack me)
  46. Be able to wear a Indian sari here in the Philippines
  47. Learn how to play poker
  48. Learn how to play other casino games
  49. Finish all of my Nancy Drew games at home.
  50. Build my own dance studio
  51. Do a triathlon
  52. Learn martial arts
  53. Renovate my parent’s house
  54. Find a cure for autism

Now, make yours! Then, place your link in the comment box. I would love to read it! It’s a good practice to set and write your long-term goals. Go go go!

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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